About Drink Like a Wolf

Around 2016, I had my first foray into natural wines on a Wednesday evening in Singapore. Having never been much of a wine person, I was intrigued. It was nothing like the dry, highly alcoholic red wines that I was exposed to. You know, the ones that you are required by law to swirl in a big glass, take a sip and nod knowingly in the direction of the sommelier.

Instead, this wine was alive! It was juicy, slightly fizzy and a bit “funky”, in a good way. It was so easy to drink. And apparently, the hangovers were more tolerable. I was sold!

Since then, I made it a point to explore natural wine bars and restaurants when I travel, and bring back a few good bottles when I can. However, finding reliable information meant lots of googling and scouring through random blogs for reviews.

That’s why I built Drink Like a Wolf. To help people discover the best wine makers, bars, restaurants and shops around the world, and have fun while doing it.

About Natural Wines

The second most popular question I get about natural wines is “Aren’t all wines natural?”. The top one is “WTF is a natural wine?”.

Natural wine is a bit of an umbrella term. These are wines that are made with minimal intervention in the vineyard and winery, typically using grapes that are grown organically or biodynamically without any added chemicals or pesticides.

Unlike conventional wines that are often heavily processed and manipulated to achieve consistency, natural winemakers instead focus on expressing the unique terroir of the vineyard and the individual characteristics of the grapes themselves. They rely on traditional techniques such as wild fermentation, low or no sulfur additions, and aging in old oak barrels to create wines that are full of flavour and complexity.

Because of the focus on sustainable farming practices and experimentation, natural wines usually come in small batches, and their flavours can vary widely from one maker to another even within the same region.

About me

Hi, I’m Onur, a natural wine enthusiast living in Singapore and building products like this. You can visit my website or follow me on twitter.